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November 18, 2010


THE STORY of MIMOTICA MICOLA ......(taken from the website)......

Raquel Micola *a very, very stubborn little girl searched for handbags that she liked. Since she didn't find any, so she decided to make some herself. In 2003, a little brand name called Mimotica Micola was born.
Raquel learned to sew as a child. Years later *Raquel met Oscar, a computer engineer, ust as stubborn as she. Together they gave shape to today's not-so-small brand name of Mimotica Micola.
This is the story of an idea that was born in a living room and that grew into a firm with distribution in 12 countries, more than 400 points of sale and which, in 2008, launched a new line of footwear, to the delight of their customers.
The products are unique, one of a kind, a little nostalgic and funky at the same time and more importantly they are sincere!!!

November 07, 2010


It is hard for me not to search and write about my favorite things. I work in a company as a designer assistant, and job made my personal interests stop for a while.=(
I am into digital arts right now and work about digital textiles at work.
I design patterns and they are digitally printed and then made into beautiful dresses, tops etc.
More than that I am working on my own projects, after a while I would like to share.
Nice to write about things again.
and very very excited!!!
April 01, 2010


Bir ürünü kişiselleştirmek günümüzün trendlerinde. Yaratıcılığınızı Sohop sandalları giyerek gösterin. Çevreye duyarlı ve sonsuz yaratıcılık seçeneği sunuyor Sohop ve sadece 1 çift sandal ile. Basit bir materyal ile istediginiz sandal tabanına, 1 çift kurdele ekleyebilirsiniz. Annie Mohaupt tarafından Chicago'da el yapımı üretilen bu sandalları çok beğendik !!! 
We all know personalizing an item is one of the most popular trends. Show your creativity and wear
Sohop sandals are They are environmentally friendly with infinite design options with just one pair!!
Show your creativity and create your own Sohop sandal with any simple material such as .lace any
ribbon etc......Mohop shoes are individually hand made by Annie Mohaupt in Chicago.

January 22, 2010


Tessa Ann from Bend, Oregon USA makes this creative buttons using high quality polymer clay. Everything in this shop are original and handmade. Baked, hand painted and sealed, this buttons can be used in many projects: outfits, accessories, scrapbooking projects. 

December 13, 2009

La PATISSERIE by Mme. Eclore

a)kek, pasta ve şeker yemek
b)kek, pasta ve şeker takmak
c)keki, pastayı ve şekeri hem takmak hem yemek
Eğer b ve ya c seçeneklerinden birini işaretlediyseniz sizin için uygun yer burası!!!
Şık, romantik, komik, renkli ve acıkmış olduğunuzu göstermenin en güzel yolu =)

a)eat birthday cake, eat candies, eat eat eat
b)wear birthday cake, wear candies, wear wear wear
c)eat and wear birthday cake, candies wear eat wear eat
if you say your answer is b or c, check this out!!
A wonderful way to say that you are chic, romantic, hungry, funny and colorful!!

December 10, 2009


Bankok'ta doğan Koi Suwannagete, şu an LA'de. Kendi koleksiyonunu 2001'de oluşturduktan sonra, 2007'de New York Fashion Week'te tanıtım defilesini gerçekleştirdi. Onun yeteneğini farkeden Vogue ve The Council of Fashion Designers of America onu Fashion Fund Award ile ödüllendirdi.
Koi Suwannagete'nin tasarımlarının farklılığı, onun vintage'a, el yapımı ürünlere ve antika parçalara verdiği değerden kaynaklanıyor.  Hayalinde yarattığı fantasi dünyasını, tasarımlarıyla takipçilerine sunuyor. Her parça elde yapıldığı için hepsi birbirinden farklı.
Malzemeleri vintage ve doğal kumaşlar ve bunları boyamak için kullandığı doğal boyalar.
Barneys New York, Nordstrom, Harvey Nichols, Amerika ve dünyada bir çok butikte tasarımları satılıyor. 

“It’s all in the detail!  I liked the old times when things took time to be made.  I appreciate the value of vintage clothing and draw much inspiration from antique pieces and organic shapes.  I love femininity paired with imperfection."

Koi Suwannagte was born in Bangkok and now living in LA. She created her own line in 2001 and in 2007 she made her debut at New York Fashion Week. The same year she was awarded for Fashion Fund Award by Vogue and The Council of Fashion Designers of America.

Koi Suwannagete's style carries the beauty of hand-sculpted creations in which she appreciates the value of vintage, antique pieces and organic shapes. She creates a fantasy world and produce it for the real world.
Every garment is handwork and no two pieces are exactly alike. 
As her materials, she likes vintage and natural fabric and dye them with natural dyes.
Her collection is can be found at Barneys New York, Nordstrom, Harvey Nichols and various exclusive boutiques in the U.S. and around the world. 
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