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November 18, 2010


THE STORY of MIMOTICA MICOLA ......(taken from the website)......

Raquel Micola *a very, very stubborn little girl searched for handbags that she liked. Since she didn't find any, so she decided to make some herself. In 2003, a little brand name called Mimotica Micola was born.
Raquel learned to sew as a child. Years later *Raquel met Oscar, a computer engineer, ust as stubborn as she. Together they gave shape to today's not-so-small brand name of Mimotica Micola.
This is the story of an idea that was born in a living room and that grew into a firm with distribution in 12 countries, more than 400 points of sale and which, in 2008, launched a new line of footwear, to the delight of their customers.
The products are unique, one of a kind, a little nostalgic and funky at the same time and more importantly they are sincere!!!


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